Sisterhood everlasting

It's true what they say about growing up: the real world is hard to get by alone. And for someone who has been catapulted into the "independent adult" (emphasis on the quotation marks) stage and figured this out earlier than most people, I choose to cling on to the friends, the sisters who have stood by me through thick and thin, through good times and bad, despite the distance and time apart. As we celebrated National Sibling Day yesterday (April 10th, despite what everyone in my social media networks say, gyfs people), I honor them—those based in Manila at least—on this #flashbackfriday (photos taken mid-2013), before it's too late.

Since my twin and I graduated two years ago, we now have two kolehiyalas in the family who also left the nest to pursue their dreams of changing the world, through medicine (Kara) and statistics (Kendi). Our studies/jobs and locations make it hard for us to see each other often, let alone live under the same roof, so we dedicate our Sundays for church, brunch, and simply just bonding time with one another. Sometimes, if we're lucky, we get to sneak squeeze in a little sleepover. Our college dorm has served as Kara's home for two years now and we're thankful for that. Kendi, on the other hand, lives a short jeepney ride away, in one of her university's residence halls. We're looking forward to the day Mom and Raf finally join us in living in the country's capital city.

Speaking of college, we sure are blessed to still be in good ties with our girlfriends from the dorm. Most of us are trying our luck in life here in Manila and because of our busy schedules, we barely get to catch up with the entire group. But when we do have those occasional brunch/lunch/coffee/dinner/drinks dates, oftentimes they flexibly turn into sleepovers and these kinds are always worth every hassle. They are the ultimate throwback to our glory days that is college, who in their right mind would want to miss that?! Two years into the real world and my heart smiles at the thought of our little club still finding the chance to celebrate the milestones together, no matter how early or late: birthdays, housewarmings, work anniversaries, welcome backs, and despedidas.

Despite everything growing up entails, I know I can make it...of course with the help of my girls who are with me every step of the way. Thank God for sisters! :)

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