Wolf in proudly-Pinoy clothing

August also saw me amongst the sea of squealing Twihards when Jacob Black came stomping in onstage for a rather overwhelming fan meet and greet in the arena thanks to his endorsement deal with Bench. Don't get me wrong, I like Taylor Lautner. I adore him as a little tot playing the fiesty Sharkboy with all his wonderful adventures and can never forget how he sneaked his arms over young Alyson Stoner's shoulder on their cute movie date in the second installment of Cheaper by the Dozen. If I had to choose, I was on Team Jacob too. Plus I also commend the heartthrob hottie for his choice in women, dating my girl Selena Gomez and later her best friend, whom Lautner had the same first name with which made it confusing yet easy for fans do their thing, Taylor Swift. But I wouldn't go out of my way just to see him the size of a Ken doll in a place crowded with loud teenage girls. He has no Zac Efron effect on me that way (Sorry for missing your visit back in 2012, babe, America was calling).

Still, seldom do you get to be in the midst and watch these American celebrities in the flesh while they're visiting in your home country. So when I heard the news of my little sister winning two free tickets to the fun meet/fan conference, I could not help but volunteer to accompany here Katniss Everdeen-style, even offering to swing by the tickets early on Saturday morning while on my way to spend time with the rest of the family and some close relatives. That gloomy weekend we had brunch and explored Tagaytay Highlands before driving back to the city and finally queuing by the side of the venue in what had been one of the longest lines in my life, and especially as a mere chaperone.

To be completely honest, it was fun cheering for him and seeing my little sister enjoying her fangirl self. I'm guilty of being one back in the heyday and somehow I know I still have it in me, there's just no chance to let it out with such intensity lately. I'm telling you though, kids these days are crazy and Taylor's fans were solid. The least he could have done was take his shirt off for everyone's amusement (mine included). He didn't. Instead he remained well-composed with his interview with King of Talk Boy Abunda, even admitting he's open to a relationship with Filipinas. Oh man! Good save, Lautner. We hope you enjoyed your stay in the Philippines and wish to see you again soon...in the flesh, within close proximity and not just in the billboards along EDSA.

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