Placefulness and transitions: a study

What better way to rediscover oneself than in transit? More so, the morning light can illuminate even the darkest corners of a troubling mind.

With this lovely sight to welcome each day, our beautiful home of a college dorm will be seeing more of me · Accepting defeat after two hard, commute-filled months: the concrete jungle just wasn't for this restless soul· Alone at my sister's condo, with the sunrise that greeted my John Green (reflections- and emotions-filled) week · So comforting that for first time in a long time, our family was complete on Mother's Day and in my happy place · Stuck in EDSA on a rainy June day instead soulsearching at my godmother's basement or jobhunting in the city · And yet another last hurrah: Pico de Loro with the relatives to bid our respective "summer breaks" goodbye

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