White hat's on

I got hooked on the amazing political thriller that is Scandal around the same time I started working in our side of the world's White House and you could only imagine how much of a giddy fangirl, taking her obsession to heart and all, that made me sound. In fact, I was in the middle of my season two marathon when I was sent on my first assignment on the field literally on my first day. There I was able to squeeze in a few episodes while on the road and during our down time.

But mind you, I'm no Olivia Pope or any of her associates. I'd like to think, however, that I may be called a "gladiator in a suit" (or business casual, in our case) in my own right. I believe anything is possible if we all work hand in hand to make this country achieve new heights. That said, I have always wanted to serve this great nation and I can't be more glad to be doing so with my writing.

This opportunity has exposed me to worlds I could not have been to alone and under any other circumstance and to inspiring lives which continuously motivate me to write. Each day I have seen the seemingly-impossible turn possible because of the bayanihan spirit which resonates around the Philippines amid the inevitable natural and man-made disasters. The experience has been humbling, to say the least.

It's no walk in the park, in all honesty; serving the "bosses" aka fellow Filipinos has its trade-offs. I had to move away from the comforts of Katipunan to live along the enemy lines of Taft with the generous relatives who took me in. A month after my stay at their condo, I rented a room in a house inside the Palace compounds and even until today, eight months in, I'm still not sold on the idea of living alone and in this side of town. More so, on most days in the office, tasks get jumbled and completely out of hand, you're lucky if you don't feel overwhelmed. But I/we get by, eventually.

Meanwhile, since I'm on a snippets-spree, I figured another one won't hurt...but this time, with a little twist. One of our many requirements at work are accomplishment reports, submitted every quarter and detailing the significant events and the progress of certain projects that happened over the past three months. And because I want to keep things related and organized plus I don't want to bore you, my dear readers, with office ramblings and rants on politics, these work snippets or my so-called personal accomplishment reports might pop up every quarter (or every chance I get to blog, as usual, and definitely after I finish the backlogging, that is). Consider this my new brilliant idea:

The Hundred Islands, so near yet so far · Our heritage house office · Boss/Sec. Coloma on our communication workshop
Beautiful table setting for EDSA children's book launch · All effort on these dioramas · Always proud to be a Filipino
Pre-SONA Ocular at the Batasang Pambansa · Behind the production desk, inside the studio · More museum research

The staff at the Aquino Museum, Tarlac · Pretty stopovers atop a mountain · All yellow for Ninoy's 30th Death Anniversary
Ugh, brownout · Office for an entire week: my alma mater, for a workshop · Worked at a Starbucks with the techsavvies
Can't take my superior seriously when she's looking like this · All set and good to go · In awe of this guy's beatboxing talent

Let's continue to fight the good fight. Onwards!


  1. You have a very interesting and challenging job! :) I loved reading your narratives and enjoyed your photos. ^^

    1. So sweet of you to drop by and leave this note. May you be blessed a thousandfold. :)