Like clockwork

Just when I thought that the busyness was over...well, it was just getting started. My overwhelming but bearable October, November, and December in MalacaƱang was filled with days out of the office, overtimes, and weekend work. Thankful for what has been the gift of grace under pressure.

Test run of the world-class electronic jeepney "comet" with VP Binay's protocol officers · This side of Gawad Kalinga's Enchanted Farm during the Social Business Summit and the GK Expo/10th Anniversary · The pretty fountain that welcomed us to the equally-beautiful Asian Development Bank · Role model Bianca Gonzales supported the film showing of the must-see Girl Rising · Makes up for my dreadfully long commute to and from Malacanang to our other office in Makati · Shooting Lee's plug for the Salubungan Workshop while in our Nueva Vizcaya hotel · The sunrise that greeted me during my first overnight in the office with no sleep for almost 24 hours already

Looked for some relief operations in Ateneo after a meeting in the area...to no avail · After more than a week of being out and about, hello again to these wide and clean roads · More late-night editing after an entire day in the relief ops headquarters (thanks but no thanks, Yolanda) · Stage managing or something during the tribute concert for the volunteers feat. Ebe Dancel and 6cyclemind · The perfect guide to help me brush up and improve on my writing skills, thanks to ASec and PCOO-OSC · It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the office · Season's greetings from my Bahay Ugnayan family and a surprise from our head writer and the best workmate ever

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