Summertime gladness

Unlike elsewhere, summers in the metropolitan areas of our side of the globe means staying indoors as much as possible due to the unbearable heat outside. And true enough, I spent most of April under the shade and away from the sun, with the office or restaurant a/c as my instant best friend. While part of me wished I made the most of the no-school traffic these dog days bring (e.g. taking my heart of adventure on a road trip and ending up someplace I haven't been before), the idea of meeting with friends and family in the city and enjoying their company over our favorite meals and much-awaited catch-up conversations seemed to me like a more feasible and comfortable option.

Some highlights from the fun- and food-filled month: a rather intimate videoke bonding session with the siblings plus three out of at least ten invited cousins; a cheerful lunch date with the lights of my life since high school; the golden hour, the dawn, and the city lights which continue to guide me home, wherever "home" may be; chomps at the all-American diner we will never get tired of, then a bright and early brunch at this gem in the city; satisfying our sweet tooth with heavenly creamy treats*; a surprise send-off for one of our dearest college friends who bagged a coveted internship post in Sweden; our Japanese feast before Divergent with our life coach on a holiday; the Heavens showed off a bit as we remembered the beautiful life of Auntie Behing; Vietnamese and playing dress-up for a not-so-typical Sundate; something new after three full days of Holy Week house-sitting (movie marathons and unlimited internet galore!); winner, winner chicken wings lunch with the relatives on Easter; and finally, my traveling "sister" and I on a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants-inspired afternoon.

Turns out the semi-staycation was what I needed back then—the perfect opportunity to recharge and regain my strength, all while finding the time to rediscover the people and cities I love under brighter circumstances. Yearning for one to happen again soon, even though I may have just returned from my short rest week in my hometown... Hope you’re having an awesome, stree-free week so far, friends!

*If you ever find yourself in or near these places and are a self-confessed lover of sweets like me, I highly recommend that you also try the choco lava and apple pie ala mode (my go-to dessert, if you still haven't noticed) from Stacy's and cookie dough ice cream from S&R.

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