Chicago, Illinois: 3 Arts Club and RH

Couldn't have asked for a better way to spend the last day of my best year ever!

Took the early morning train to meet up with my good friend Tin for brunch in the city, which eventually lasted for the good chunk of our December 31st...the entire beautiful, sunny day, actually! All thanks to six long yet ever so faithful years' worth of life stories to catch up on since our last Bible study together! It was an amazing chance to look back on all the blessings God has showered us with, not just in 2016, but on all the time we were apart, dedicating ourselves with school and work while trusting in Him.

Also, glad to finally have someone to come with me to one of the most-sought-after items on my Chicago to-visit list! The historic 3 Arts Club building was formerly a home and club for women in the "three arts" of music, painting and drama in 1914. In 2004, the last of its residents moved out and the building has been abandoned since. Interior design company RH has then converted all its five storeys into a gallery with a garden courtyard café, espresso bar, and wine room operating on the first floor.

"Everything you look at, you can buy. And everywhere you sit, you can eat." In a sense, RH has stayed true to the Chicago landmark's fame when they integrated "three arts": boasting tastefully-curated showrooms with design ateliers at the ready, offering a fresh and something-to-be-proud-of kind of culinary arts (American fare) and service, and presenting world-class (musical) performances every once in a while. We kept gushing, "oh"-ing and "ah"-ing at every bite and sight, staying inside the building for four and a half hours! Here are "some" of our favorite elements from the gallery: (We would take everything home if we could OR just move right in, whichever works!)

More about RH Chicago on this gorgeous video below:

We then headed to their hotel where I met her awe-inspiring family whom she talked nonstop about over our meal like the proud eldest daughter/sister she is. We lounged at the lobby while and I got to discuss Philippine politics and governance with them, but mostly with her DTI Undersecretary dad, for an hour and a half before I caught my train home at sundown.

Very thankful for today: reflected a lot on the gut-wrenching and heart-stopping year that has been with my talk with Tin, kept my architect/interior designer childhood dreams alive and well for a bit during our little tour, and was reminded of why I am here and why I do and will continue to do the things I do thanks to my sharing with her dad. :)

All photos shot with iPhone 5s, edited with VSCO Cam
(Unfortunately, I think my phone camera's quality got weird today.)

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