Chancery Lane and things I fancy downtown

I sealed fun-filled and meaningful September with a sincere kiss along with a spontaneous trip to Downtown Annapolis. The past month has been nothing short of amazing, I hope the rest of my stay here and of the year would be just as great.

Wonderfully-named boats, i.e. Courage and Moon River

My fascination with yachts and sailboats ensues

Brunch by the Chesapeake Bay, which took us at least half an hour to be seated

So much yum: best french toast I ever tasted, curry sandwich, and grilled cheese

I have long since looked forward to walking down Main Street

Cupcake, ice cream, and milkshake to satisfy our sweet teeth

Caramelized apples I'm yet to try | A book-signing right outside a store

So picturesque(!), the aspiring photographer in me felt giddy-happy

A treat for the avid comic book collectors

...even for modest fans of awesome superheroes

Lounging outside the Maryland State House | Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's tree

In awe of the masterpieces found in tucked art galleries

Fall festival's entertainment is brought to you by...

How I wish to have hopped on the tram!

A witty goodbye and welcome | The last look before we go


  1. i love the boats/yachts!! Is Chesapeake Bay pier area lined with restaurants and shops?? -Timmy :)

    1. Yes it is! But I hear it's a bit expensive and I don't think there's any more time for me to go back. Miss you Timmy!

  2. i love your pics Kat! you have an eye for beautiful stories... keep it going!

  3. Replies
    1. Many thanks for visiting and for your kind comment, Kathe! :)