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From my recollection, California Adventure was not made for the nine-year-old easily-scared me. They have amazing and intricate walkthroughs too, but unlike in Disneyland, most of their attractions are geared towards teens and grown-ups. And as I mentioned before, I'm all for the sightseeing and was never the type to be fond of roller coasters and amusement park rides, especially those wild ones that make you doubt whether you'd get through the entire thing alive. But at twenty and aiming to overcome such a fear, I wanted to try my luck and see to it that I survive them despite the high possibility of me fainting or getting mini-heart attacks in the process.

Once again, here's a 2012 map of California Adventure for your convenience.

We first ventured into Hollywood Land and was welcomed by this beautiful backdrop that was long etched in my memory. And to our right was a pleasant surprise: the costumes and props from one of my favorite shows (of all time!), Once Upon A Time, were on display in Off the Page. My heart almost couldn't take it! However, I got a tad bit disappointed that they didn't have Rumpelstiltskin's. But I guess they're just afraid some crazy, diehard fanatic might break the window, steal it, and either, the lunatic that she is, make a shrine out of it or simply wear it for Halloween. *cough, cough*

The group took at least five minutes of the afternoon convincing me to join them on The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. This was the elevator-ride-gone-wrong Tito Ted has been raving about ever since he found out that we were Disney-bound, and at that time the idea of sitting down on this machine that raises and drops you at least five storeys at a time and without your knowing didn't sound so bad. And well, it really wasn't...had you closed your eyes eighty percent of the ride like me (something I love doing whenever I watch horror movies, fyi). Luckily, I got my eyes open on that photo they snapped midway. I, however, wish I kept them close; anything would be better than looking half-confused and half-constipated. Let's just say it wasn't my best take.

And then there was Cars Land. I'm not gonna lie: perhaps the main reason why I got so delighted with our park hopper tickets was that I would be able to check out the recently-opened Radiator Springs. I also admit that I'm not the biggest Cars fan; I only watched the first movie from start to finish a few months ago and though I haven't seen the sequel in its entirety I already know that even when it was set around the globe it wasn't as great as the first. Still, I ought to cruise through Cars Land. It's not everyday that I get to be in a place that was built from and because of a movie!

Because it was new (and awesome!), the line at the Radiator Springs Racers was disheartening and we heard the wait was terrible (more than an hour and a half?!). We grabbed some fastpasses (like what we did in Disneyland) so that we were accommodated upon entrance and unlike the others, didn't have to wait that long. Meanwhile, we killed time by passing through Paradise Pier, watching part of the Pixar Play Parade, taking a trip under the sea with Ariel, and learning how to fly at Goofy's Sky School.

Soon after what felt like forever on that long and winding queue, we fastened our seatbelts for a bumpy yet worthwhile drive. If you liked the movie, you'll surely appreciate Cars Land and especially that ride. It's like seeing and meeting the characters in person...err car. (Get it, get it?) The town stayed true to the film, down to the sight of bright neon lights and the sound of Sh-Boom at night. It was certainly beyond magical. We capped the night off with my obvious favorite since my first and only visit at the park, Soarin' Over California, leaving me yearning for more time in my favorite state. Oh well, until we meet again!

P.S. And I couldn't emphasize this enough: a huge thank you to my Tito Tan, Tita Lalee, and Tita Shas for making one of my childhood dreams come true! Love you!

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