Can't stop this thing we've started

Last Tuesday I tagged along with my good friends from high school, Elysha and Lean, as they accomplished a couple of post-graduate/grown-up stuff such as enrolling for their board exam review, getting a cedula, and claiming graduation photos. We squeezed in a quick coffee break at the quaint yet delightful Madge Cafe* in between these errands.

Four years ago, during our high school graduation, I could not even begin to imagine that our friendship would last beyond that summer of 2008. For me at that time, the road to college looked drastically hectic. It would take the life out of us and eventually cause us to drift apart. Turns out, our barkada of seven girls managed to keep each other close, in spite of the scrub forms (crappy schedule) and the planes rides (distance).

Fast forward to this summer, and a lot has changed: one is already on an internship, two can drive, three/four (not sure) have boyfriends, and the list goes on. We've grown up together and been with each other through good times and bad. I wouldn't even be surprised to see these girls** on my wedding day! (Which isn't any time soon, I promise. I'm just making a point.) Needless to say, there's no forgetting these ladies and our n years of friendship!

*I discovered Madge Cafe last year through Jill's blog (which celebrated its anniversary on the exact day of our visit, congrats love!) and I got so curious about it. A few months later, I was able to pay the said cafe a visit with Jill and KR. I'm not a huge coffee fan but I can't deny that I liked the sweet taste of their iced coffee. I told myself that I had to visit them again soon... Hence, April 10th.

**My high school barkada is only one of three girl groups/clubs/whateveryouliketocallit I am proud to be a part of, with members who would have essential roles on my bridal entourage someday. Luckily, I would be able to meet them this week, so watch out for my blog entries on those encounters! I am extremely excited for the many reunions to come!!!

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