Through joys, tears, and laughing years

Lo and behold, the graduation fiasco that transpired from the 23rd to the 26th of March:

Baccalaureate mass with my girls, the awesome and yet a bit inefficient shuttle service, my second picture with the ultimate crush, a thanksgiving dinner and service prepared by our relatives in honor of our (my twin's and mine) graduation and what seemed to be a prelude to our 2013 family reunion as 20+ people flew all the way from Iloilo to Manila, packing everything in our dorm room in a span of two hours or less and finding proof to my four-year crush, and our preparations for the graduation ceremony (Hello again, curls!).

The honor students of the Interdisciplinary Studies majors, the moving speech of our ever beloved valedictorian who is no stranger to the stage and to me, a page from one of the many souvenirs, pride and glory for our batch as we Blue Eagles are ready to soar high, our fake diplomas were the first to go (see: post-grad elation chaos), and my/our first photo with our new university president whose homily I listened to attentively.

The beautiful sight that is the Ateneo High School at night, our graduation dinner with more or less 60 attendees where we took this Polaroid with our good friend Bea, our family who has been with us through highs and lows, our set-up for lunch the following day which was also ruined by the rain, our last feast in Manila (for now, hopefully and probably), and our last stop before heading to the airport.

And because I know I'll end up crying if I write something more than this: Oh Ateneo, I will miss you terribly! But all's well that ends well.

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