Pig-out chronicles

I need to learn how to stop eating.

And I need to discipline myself alone, as my family and friends aren't much help. They all encourage me to order and gnaw as much as I want. Well, except for Mom. But even her attempts to make me "monitor my weight" (her exact words to me, written on a post-it note) are not effective for one gluttonous Katrina.

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well. — Virginia Woolf

In the past two days I have:
  • taken my grandparents out for lunch upon our lola's request to get out of the house. It was her first time in a long time to eat out! We brought them to Samurai Talabahan for some seafood in the city.
  • stayed at Elysha's house all afternoon 'til night to help her finish her remaining school requirements. We had lunch food for snacks, meh. And she promised to treat me dessert one of these days!
  • reunited with my longest friends (since grade school!) and with french fries.
  • met up with some high school buddies over snacks and coffee in Starbucks.
  • had a pseudo-fail family dinner at Bourbon Street that I would not like to talk about. I was not in the mood last night, I didn't take any photos.
Here's to more foodie adventures that I know I'd love but my already-fat figure would surely regret. Tsk.

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