The games that play us

I dub today my (first, and hopefully not last) Instagram Day! And you should know, I enjoyed every single bit of it—from my Bacolod day trip in which my sister and I accompanied our cousin Melissa for an appointment, to the treats we drowned ourselves with after said appointment, and down to the last button I clicked on Lissie's iPod Touch to edit a photo.

My only regret was that no matter how hard I try, the camera still fails to capture the wholeness of a scene, my very vision of it. It seems that there's always something lacking, I can't pinpoint it exactly. And that gets me so frustrated. However, as the popular saying goes, practice makes perfect. It can only get better from here.

Seriously can't wait to have my own dSLR already! But for that to happen, I need to receive my paycheck first. And yet, that would only entail that I should soon look for a job that would be able to sustain the lifestyle I envision myself to have. Unfortunately, that might take a while. You know how I go when big terms like The Future or The Real World creep into a conversation: I change the topic or worse, throw a fit like a first-grader. Even the thought of it scares me terribly!

So until then, I'll keep documenting my life with either a borrowed gadget or my "newly-acquired" digital camera (thanks to my dear friend and former roommate Lisa). That, while taking my baby steps into this new environment I call Reality. Wish me luck, I surely need it.


  1. Oh that second to the last paragraph sounds so much like me a year ago. :))

    Don't worry, dear! Embrace the world! Don't be too scared because now's the time. :) Get your feet dirty as soon as you can because there's so much for you to learn. :D

    PS. That was me being an optimist. :)) But hey, a little optimism doesn't hurt!

  2. Thank you so much for the encouragement, Nang. I'm actually excited to look for a job already, I'm just afraid that I'll make a lot of wrong turns while doing so. Pero keri lang, I always say. Kaya gid ni. :D