Near wild heaven

The plan to visit Cubao X has been a few months old. Since college, I have been so curious about places I only read about online, that going to all of them have been items on my many bucket lists. Stores in Cubao X and restaurants along Maginhawa would be perfect examples. The pseudo hipster/artist in me has always wanted to come by these places but my schedule never permitted. It was only until "bum month" when my good friend (and fellow lovely things/places lover!) Dess and I were able to see Cubao X for ourselves.

We had such a pleasant surprise and in a way, the time of our lives! Aside from the shoes (They don't seem to run out of it!), the U-shaped road that is Cubao X offered anything and everything creative and bizarre: books, accessories, decors, desserts...you name it!

On the Tuesday afternoon of March 20th, the day of our visit, we purchased cute items from the famous and extra pretty Heima store, passed through an exhibit by Mapua Multimedia Arts students, became muses and were illustrated by amazing artists of the Tuesday Group, hoarded books sold at P100 or less in the Libreria, and tasted the chocolatey(!) goodness of Bellini's Obama cake.

We had an amazing time! And I would not really mind coming back any time soon. I know that something new is in store for me the next time I do. I have learned that adventure awaits outside my doorstep, most especially when I have a camera in tow. All I really have to do is just go.

Next up is my graduation post and then finally, about this summer to remember! ♥

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