Clear as day

We started the year brighter than usual, with a lovely portrait session during the golden hour(s) thanks to our awesome photographer friend, Nong Von. His works are beyond amazing and it had been a habit of mine to browse through his Tumblr and Instagram back in college, when I was bored and oftentimes in the comforts of the dorm room. I can't help but swoon at each and every photograph, especially those shot on film. So as you would have guessed, this shoot was a dream!

Although I must admit it was awkward having my solo pictures taken since I'm used to being the one behind the camera. But it was a change I was willing to rediscover. Besides, it wasn't so hard to flash my happiest smile when I had my sisters there to coach and eventually share the spotlight with me. Glad Mom and our little cousin Nika was able to join in on a few frames as well. Overall, it was a nice and warm afternoon (versus the drizzles we experienced in the past few days), the sundown on this rather hidden location was perfect, and I couldn't be any more grateful that we finally made this little project happen. Keep blooming, my dear friends!

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