"There are no strangers"

We were welcomed to the Circle with open arms and felt right at home. And by dusk to dawn, we graduated from sharing bunk beds that go as high as three levels, sturdy swinging hammocks, sleeping bags comfortably lying on the sand, common bath and charging/hangout area filled with paint materials, card and board games, ukuleles, and beanbags, and the sea with its roaring waves to surfboards, sunblocks, rash guards, and cover-ups, overpriced no-frills meals and unhealthy munchies, and secrets we'd rather keep to ourselves.

The hostel also offered poi dancing lessons and a chance to let willing contenders sumowrestle each other...it was so much fun! Come nighttime, the entertainment by the bonfire—an amazing acoustic session we all sang along to as well as a stunning fire dancing show that had us all catch our breaths—was above par. And we hummed the night on to a shared Heads Up! Hey Mr. DJ championship (best game ever!!). The girls and I wanted surf lessons on that long weekend, but what we got in Zambales was so much more. Indeed, in this world, there are no strangers, only friends who have not yet met. Cheers to a swell time, we'll definitely be back soon!

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