With arms linked and hearts for the nation

It's been a long time coming when finally our most-anticipated and thoroughly-prepared-for Salubungan Workshop has seen the light of day in mid-January. Hundreds of student, youth, and government leaders from across the country made their way to the heart of the nation to learn more about taking their nation-building advocacies to the next level. Along with our commissioners, we gathered experts on the field of advertising, media, community development, and business to impart to the participants on how to up their causes. We also had a few tricks up our sleeves and a couple of surprises in store for our guests.

We had the gorgeous then-Malacanang Palace (and now, Mabini Hall) for our entire opening day and I simply could not resist snapping photos of every corner, especially when we got to explore around during the museum tour. During workshop proper, I was literally all hands on deck and all over the place as the program scriptwriter, stage manager, and hosts, speakers, and talents coordinator all wrapped into one. Obviously we were undermanned but still managed, with abundant grace.

Highlights of the three-day occasion would clearly be having dinner with the Vice President himself and in the beautiful Coconut Palace, no less, plus closing things off with a song and dance party courtesy of The Dawn and Gloc9. Our hosts were so kwela and approachable, I enjoyed our little conversations during downtime. And our downright awe-inspiring speakers were of high calibre but were also so down-to-earth. I need to stop myself from gushing at how astonishingly successful those three days turned out.

Despite our amazing team's inevitable divide because the two national events we were handling had to happen on the same days, we pulled through and shone brighter than ever on both activities. I could not be any prouder to be part of this crazy yet talented bunch...who seems to be winging it yet still winning in life ever since. Onwards is the only way to go, my friend!

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