This happy madness

My free time—the much-awaited weekends, occasional days-off, and generally what's left of my life aside from my oftentimes-more-than-nine-to-six job—is obviously sacred to me, usually spent catching up on my shows, crossing out items on an endless romantic comedies list, seeking for new music or blogs to obsess over, or hanging out with friends over a good meal at either a recently-discovered restaurant or an old favorite. It's both an exciting and boring life, my heart sings with joy at the thought of it all the same. The first couple of months this year had a few notable moments and I was glad I mostly had my trusty though sickly camera with me wherever I go.

Waffles and lattes at such a hip and artsy cafe with the sisters-for-life during "Christmas break" at home | Korean barbeque for an advanced 22nd birthday dinner with the family after our little portrait session

The cutest interiors of the quaint pasta and burger nook we had our high school barkada's rather late annual Christmas get-together | Back to reality, after-church brunch with the then-baby girls now-kolehiyalas in our 'hood

The heavenly goodness of locally-made durian and strawberry-banana ice cream, a treat from the sweetest bosses | Babysitting these not-so-baby big boys once again, during their short trip home for our cousin's wedding

My no-goodbyes-only-see-you-laters cake date with Gelibean (ala mode for me, of course) | Chopped off ten inches of my long locks for charity, reminding myself that #itgrowsback, and the #tfiosfeels began

Our most important Sunday meal and somehow taking our sister brunch game up a notch by coincidentally showing up in dresses | Got a bouquet inspired by sunset hues delivered to a best friend's office on her special day

Hope you too have enough reasons to smile every day, and don't you ever stop adding more to that list. Have a good one!

"Keep good company, read good books, love good things, and cultivate soul and body as faithfully as you can." — Louisa May Alcott

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