Puppy love and pastels

My beautiful cousin married her best friend and the love of her life last January and I had the privilege to be one of her bridesmaids. The wedding was simple, lovely, and rather intimate (considering how big a family we are) you couldn't tell how crazy the weekend prior was for our entire clan as we "lived under one roof," just like old times, and bonded nonstop over microwavable potluck meals, all sorts of competitive card games, and walkathons in the mall or trips around metro.

The entourage was a parade of pastels and had to be the cutest thing ever. Our blushing bride walked down the aisle to a live special performance of Jason Mraz's I Won't Give Up and the church, the ceremony, and as well as the picture-taking that followed, was quite remarkable. The reception venue of a clubhouse was adorned with glass chairs, lavenders, and tiny lit lanterns and right outside is a peaceful park complete with playground sets, all of which looked even stunning as the sun went down. It was a great day for their all-encompassing kind of love.

And being the sentimental person, diehard fangirl (500 Days of Summer, for your reference), and amazing bridesmaid that I am, I just had to give them Alain de Botton's Architecture of Happiness as a wedding present. I haven't read it myself but I believe it would be the perfect for these two architects who are starting to design and build a life together, with God by their side and in their pursuit of happiness. It's the thought that counts. Finally, welcome to the family, Kuya Joal, and congratulations to you and our Ate Sheng!

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