All that you can't leave behind

Mabel and I, we sort of developed a template, a formula for our bonding moments: they are never without good food, the latest craze, interesting life updates, and unending chikkas about our teleseryes and friends. It's our thing!

Although we barely have the same circle of friends back in high school, we have always remained close and I consider her as one of my bestest friends since. I am surely going to miss Mabel and our catch-up dates when we both leave Iloilo to attend to our grown-up responsibilities in Manila and abroad.

And the countdown begins...


  1. Ubos mo na, Iss? Daw waay ka man ga gain weight??? When's the "D" date? Mahapit ka sa Chicago?

  2. Hi Tita Baby! I shared the meal with my friend. ;) It's so heavy, I can't finish it by myself. And as of now, my flight leaves on June 13th but I'm going straight to Maryland na. Pero for sure I'm visiting Chicago on a weekend or at the end of my stay! Excited to see you again! Keep in touch!

  3. eeep gusto ko man mag moonleaf hahaha - connie

  4. Di nako 'to anay magbalik sa Moonleaf. Daw di healthy kung i-everyday. Besides, kalasaw. :(( Too bland for my taste! Moonleaf Katipunan pa rin the best!