The space in between

While waiting for the rest of my life to happen, I keep myself busy with food and family—two things I just can't get enough of!

  1. Banana split at home, the cure for tooth extraction
  2. Homemade french fries, ahh I feel so loved!
  3. Dirty ice cream for the sun-scorched day
  4. I keep coming back for Tibiao's terenteren!
  5. Hot chocolate > iced coffee, for now I guess
  6. But there's always a time for happy hour!
  7. I haven't been to Mcdonald's in foreverrr
  8. Chicken Sari-Sari dinner with the fambam
  9. Spaghetti everyday if I may, because of my no-rice diet...

Yesterday was the perfect time to have a shoot for our family portrait since Kara's currently on her way to Manila for a two-week vacation and Karina's flying there tomorrow to go seek out her future. Ciao!

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