Lifetime piling up

Yesterday I took a stroll down memory lane with my sister and cousin as we visited our grandparents' house late in the afternoon. Our families, especially mine, lived there for almost half of our lives, about a decade ago. So it obviously felt so good to come back even just for a quick visit.

Despite how long it has been since we moved out, I have had with me a list of unforgettable moments spent in that home—from the small space behind the grand piano where we played house in, to the trees we used to climb on just so we could get to the roof of the house, to Christmasses and birthdays celebrated with the entire Gadong clan, to the way us cousins would gather at the dinning room round table for our early morning breakfast before we leave for school. And the list goes on.

The ancestral house has lived through one generation after another and has meant a lot to any of us. We even thought of restoring the house very soon. Hopefully, maybe, in time for this year's Christmas, so we could celebrate the season there just like used to. But in the meantime, I guess staying close with everyone wouldn't hurt.

The other day I was with Karina and Nikki at Fuel.ph's cafe and yesterday we spent the night over at their place, talking about anything while browsing through and laughing at our growing up photos. Before leaving their house this afternoon, I hoarded borrowed six books from Angel and promised to return it before the summer ends. With that, perhaps another kind of bonding activity can be ensued. If not, a sleepover is always a good idea.

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