Suns, shadows, and shorelines

For four days my twin sister and I visited the town of Concepcion, where the first families (Manipulas and Villanuevas) are very good friends (relatives, even!) of our clan and extremely hospitable, fiestas happen daily and food are aplenty, and in spite of the mountainous scenery it humbly provides, beautiful white sand islands are close by, easily accessed through pump boat rides.

It was not my first time there as I recalled being in Concepcion when I was a kid, and my most recent visit being April of last summer with my family (all except Karina, who was on her exchange in Singapore). Our latest stay may have been shorter than the last, but the experience was still worth the ridiculous and uncomfortable two-hour travel from the city.

We/I have managed to attend barangay fiesta programs and coronation ceremonies, eat six meals a day, make a few friends, watch a movie, finish a book and start on another, climb up a 123-meters long lighthouse, go on night swimming (under the staaars!), and many more. All in all, we had a wonderful mini-vacation and would probably be back again next year—or next week(!)—it really just depends if our stomachs could still handle all those food!

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