Two milk teas, one day

And still, I just can't get enough. Perhaps it is my mission in life to taste all the milk teas in the world! So far I have already tasted all the milk tea stalls/places in Iloilo City (that I know of) and a few from Manila. However, I don't necessarily rate each and every one of them as good or bad (because I feel better that way, not comparing and ranking goods), but I do have my fair share of favorites.

Today I visited Smallville's newest cafes and gave their milk teas a shot. I was with my best friend Mabel the entire time and although we were both super full from lunch, our stomachs will always have enough room for some cold drinks, especially milk tea. From Fuel.ph to Trea House and back, the afternoon was filled with heartwarming tales and hope for futures!

P.S. Thanks to Jilly for blogging about/introducing me to both places and for dropping by to see us! My sister and two cousins were also around at the latter part of the afternoon. Such happy company!

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