Summer bummer

Aside from our second Bacolod daytrip and my much-awaited reunion with Moonleaf, nothing much happened this week. Sucks how fast I'm getting bored around here.

In other news:
  • What do you think of my new layout? The entire week I've been changing color schemes and designs, I finally decided to stick with this one. Simple, just the way I like it!
  • It's officially the week of the finales. I have already said (a temporary) goodbye to Once Upon A Time, How I Met Your Mother, Gossip Girl, and 90210. Glee, Revenge, and American Idol (Jessica Sanchez for the win!!!) next week.
  • Thankful that Camille and I were able to meet up in Bacolod. We talked so much about our plans for the future, we forgot to have our picture taken.
  • And well, I got a little disappointed today. Typical me ranted to my mom even though she's miles away (in Cebu) and she advised that I be an adult and send a letter of complaint. So I did, and I felt better.
  • Whatever. Three weeks left before I go and I am so excited, and scared. But excited > scared!!!

1 comment:

  1. oh, my! i still need to catch up on gossip girl and i'm having himym marathons but am not yet caught up to the current season!!
    and my dad watches american idol and is also cheering for jessica sanchez :)