Day at the museums pt. II

After my first day out exploring museums in Washington, D.C., I knew I had missed something. So as soon as we got back to her place, Ate Haydee and I checked online and fortunately found a very useful website that listed down the sites and artifacts that inspired Night at Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian. Ultimate daymaker!

The following day, after going to church, having lunch, and undergoing what for me felt like a death march in Georgetown, we hopped on a bus, rode a train, and walked straight to the National Museum of American History. Upon entrance I knew right away that it was going to be my favorite of all. A lot of my interests were catered in this particular museum and I was so amused with everything I didn't care that we lost track of time. Eventually we had to get going, swung by Natural History to snap a photo with "Dum-Dum who loves his gum-gum," took a short break at the World War II Memorial, then introduced myself to Sir Abraham Lincoln.

It had been a great weekend and although I'm currently ill because of it, I wouldn't want it any other way. My thank yous go out to: Ate Haydee for having me; Tita El-El and her family for treating us out to dinner; and Tito Chris, Tita Inday, and the kids for driving/accompanying me back and forth between MD and DC. You all made me feel very happy and blessed!


  1. beautiful photos, kat! :) our (well, sasha's) news staff is hanging out next friday. huhu sana may wifi sa resto tapos skype tayo thru my phone. para sa group picture, nandun ka!

    1. Aww, thank you Jose!

      THAT WOULD BE PERFECT! Where will you guys be hanging out? Sana talaga may wifi, I would stay up late/wake up early just for a photo! :)) Miss you all!