La Vie en rose, the French connection

Today I finally knew the title of the French song that has been stuck in my head for ages.

It's kind of a funny story, actually—

Over the past few days I have been browsing photo blogs of people who use analog cameras and live in Europe. I can't keep myself from admiring the beauty of their photographs and of their countries. I now understand why most of my friends want to visit or even live in that side of the world. I too would want to go see France, Italy, and the entire Europe for myself.

Last night, at around this time, I finally(!) started reading the ever-intriguing Why We Broke Up after laboriously slaving over my last book. My heart breaks a little every time I "turn the page" because even at the first few parts I could already tell how amazing it is (The premise of the novel itself is, dare I say, pure genius!) and that I would love it no matter what happens in the story. That the plot and the characters are somewhat familiar adds to why I cringe at almost every paragraph. I am drawn to the storyteller/narrator/letter-writer, Min Green, how different/arty she is, and her love for French films. She reminds me of me, somehow.

However, this morning, instead of finding out what happened in the book, I came across a certain blog and ended up browsing through and reading all the entries. I just can't help it, hers was a love story straight out of a fairytale book. Then I got around to listen to her covers and man, the comments were right, her voice was so angelic!

La Vie en rose was one of the songs Inky loved singing. I, on the other hand, believe I never heard the song before (This was prior to me hitting the play button). I have this friend who claims that that particular song was her all-time favorite, but even then, I never got the chance to look it up. This was the time, I told myself. As I pressed play, I instantly fell in love. I also looked for the original version and other covers, and they were all so good.

And then I remembered that there was this French song that has been haunting me for a few years now. But at that moment, I don't even know why, of all moments, I forgot how the tune went. Although I do know it's been overused in several movies and so I decided to do a little research. Luckily, the Internet gods were in my favor today, that only after a few clicks, I found out that...

Guess what, it's the same song! My heart is currently full of glee! Ahh, la vie est belle!

P.S. Felt a bit sad today, which is why finding out the title of this song meant a lot to me. Always glad to end my everyday with a smile on my face. And with that, I thank You. And Dani, for reading my mind.


  1. I had a roommate who used to hum this song all of the time, but as I read your post I didn't recognize it by the title. :) Thanks for reintroducing me and for your beautiful writing.

    1. I also used to hum this song a lot after hearing it from various movies, and yet it was only last week when I found out the title. Thank you for your kind words, Alison! :)