I tasted wine and I liked it pt. I

We spent our time in Canandaigua at a rather relaxed pace, barely making plans for the following day and going to places out of whim. For the most part we opted to stay in, enjoy the pool, and have our own cookout instead of exploring other parts of town. I loved it that way. And although we had steak all day everyday, we could easily burn the calories by walking around the beautiful neighborhood. But since I hated to be under the hurtful rays of the noontime sun, I could only go so far. Lucky for me in the middle of the field I found a gorgeous gazebo which offers a closer view of the lake. I stayed there for a good fifteen minutes just to take all the scenery in.

The highlight of our mini-vacation was the wine-tasting we did over at Seneca. We had a map of the Seneca Lake Wine Trail and marked the wineries the grown-ups think are worth visiting. Everybody in the group has been there before—all of them but me, so I was pretty excited to experience the entire thing. Monday after brunch, we drove for about an hour to get to our first stop, Belhurst Castle. It was such a fancy place, so full of character and history, even the little ones liked it. For the huge play space and not the wine, of course. I, on the other hand, was contented with the breathtaking view of yet another lake.

For both our sanities, I'm splitting our wine-tasting escapade into a few entries. I don't want to overwhelm my blog and my readers with stories and pictures and I also don't think I can handle sharing them all in one post. Like viniculture and winemaking, these things take time.


  1. Ohhhh, these are lovelyy!!! You'd enjoy Cali's Wine Country then!! :) I hope to see you guys traveling over to the west coast someday! :)

    1. My relatives have tried Cali's and found the wines there more expensive. :)) And of course, West Coast is definitely on my list! I think I belong there, especially with ALL my aunts and uncles living in Cali! I'm making sure that I get to visit each and every one of them, and exploring the sunny state on my own. ♥