I tasted wine and I liked it pt. II

Unlike in the Philippines and most countries, the legal drinking age in the US is not 18 but 21. Either way, this tiny little detail wouldn't have made an impact in my life as I don't drink and I don't think I ever want to (partly because of my principles and mostly because I really dislike the taste of beer). However, not until this trip, I never have wished to be half a year older than I actually am.

The second leg of our wine-tasting in Seneca was at White Springs Winery. At that point I got so curious about the names and tastes of the wines that I finally decided to accept Tita's offer of joining in their merrymaking. And, well, it was a choice I did not regret. I have never took a sip of wines as sweet as the ones I did over the weekend. Most of them were like sour juice, and I liked them a lot! I didn't even have trouble with my age, the viticulturist didn't get the hint that I was below the age of 21.

At Fox Run, on the other hand, we encountered a small problem. The lady in charge asked for an ID just to verify my age. Tita Inday lent me hers, and so I used it. As soon as I presented it and after the lady inspected the birthday, I was served with a number of drinks! Either she didn't pay so much attention (I am not forty years old, Ma'am, and I don't think I look like the woman in the photo) or she just wanted us to have a good time (and for them to have more profit)!

We were at our fourth stop (Prejean) when I said I didn't want to taste the wines anymore. The hype of being able to drink high-quality wine at a winery died down. Give or take a hint of sweetness, for me they all tasted the same. Besides, I didn't want to "get caught" of underage drinking while I was already having a great time. Twelve different kinds of wine was enough for that. The rest of the afternoon I focused on taking more and better photos instead.

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