Life is a highway

For 4th of July weekend, the relatives and I went on a seven-hour road trip to Upstate New York, to the town of Canandaigua.

We left Maryland seeing toppled down trees and road signs caused by the storm the night before. There was also a massive blackout in the area, forcing most businesses to close for the day including the Filipino store. I barely had enough sleep Friday night because of the heavy rains and the fact that I am such a last-minute packer so I spent most of the trip in dreamland. It was unfortunate that I slept through the welcome signs of the other states (Delaware and Pennsylvania, I think) we drove by, it would have been nice to take photos of/with them.

We only had three quick stopovers—for brunch, potty, and coffee breaks: Ikea College Park, a random McDonald's in Pennsylvania, and Dunkin Donuts in South Williamsport. As for the rest of the drive, it was truly enjoyable, filled with vast and beautiful farmlands. Although being in this side of the country makes me miss the busy city life back in the Philippines, I really loved the change of scenery. The trees and the fields were quite pleasing to the eyes, it felt as if we had the windows down and fresh air was blowing past us.

As I caught a glimpse of the lake, I knew I would enjoy our mini-vacation. Everything was just so picturesque, I could hear the docks, the boats, and the vineyards nearby calling out for me! Finally we arrived to the house of Tita Armi, a high school classmate and good friend of Tita Inday. It was my first time to meet her and her family, and they were delightful! They gave us a warm welcome to their home with steak, s'mores, and swimming with a great view of the lake and fireworks in the sky (thanks to the neighbors). We were certainly in for a blast!

P.S. Don't mind the Cars reference in the entry title, I watch it at least five times a day now because of the kids. I actually like the song, and the movie. But it's different when you have to see/listen to it all the time!

P.P.S. I've been using Tito Chris' dSLR since my first few days here but I was surprised to know that he has ALL kinds of lenses and an external flash! That he brought them all to the trip the trip is completely beyond me.


  1. Hi Iss! Looks like you had a great time in Canandaigua. Did you guys go swimming and/or boating in the lake? Did you get a chance to explore the town?

    What did you guys do for the 4th of July? Where did you watch the fireworks?

    Take care and hope to talk to you again soon! much love, Tita Baby

    1. Hi Tita. We had a rather laid-back vacation over there but it was still fun! We didn't go swimming or boat riding. The highlight of the trip, however, was the wine-tasting! We went to six different wineries for that! I'll be blogging more about it in the coming days. Infinite thank you for always checking up on me. I'll call you again, maybe this weekend! Missing you and hope to see you soon! :D