I tasted wine and I liked it pt. IV

The sixth and last leg of our Seneca Lake Wine Trail was at Glenora. By this time the kids were getting a little restless and everyone hungry, that after purchasing what must have been our twentieth bottle, we headed straight to the Veraisons restaurant, found our reserved table (for ten!), and ordered right away.

By the looks of the place, I expected the entrees to be pricey yet hoped that we were getting our money's worth. While waiting for the food, the young ones went down the vineyards and played their favorite tag and hide-and-seek as I took a truckload of photos of them and the great view. Eventually, our food arrived and I was happy that they were all pretty good.

Before our hour-long drive back to Canandaigua we passed by this ice cream shop (Mr. Twistees) somewhere in Dresden and decided to get some ice cream for everybody. I was about to order my usual (anything chocolate) when I noticed red velvet on their menu. I never had a red velvet ice cream in my life before, so I really should try it! Ahh, heaven in my mouth! It was then when I realized I've had all sorts of red velvets at least once a week—from cupcake to cheesecake to ice cream. Wishing I could maintain this routine. We waited a bit for the kids to get tired of playing and then we went straight home.

This well may be my favorite set from that day.

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