The heart brings you back

The first half of my week-long stay in Manila was solely dedicated to my family. We all (except Kendi) flew in: 1) to help Kara settle in her dorm, and 2) to have a little vacation as a summer ender. Before my twin sister and I went to college in Ateneo, Manila used to be just a tourist spot for us. However, after four years of living there and going out and exploring nearby areas, I now consider it as one of my many second homes. But it really wouldn't be a home without family in it, would it? This is one of the few times our Manila experience feels complete.

Finally reunited with my beloved twin sister, who now works for Nestle.

Burgoo dinner for nine, thanks to our Tita Menmen.

Siblings, cousins, and tita at Rockwell Powerplant Mall.

Our family's latest Atenista is officially enrolled!

Perhaps the first time I ever enjoyed Star City...

...though I didn't get to ride anything. Weird!

These three were such daredevils, they tried almost all the rides!

I know it's late but man, Magnum tastes awesome!!!

Mom was so good, she won this stuffed animal! Great job!

No one's ever too old for amusement parks.

Little bro reached the top in less than thirty seconds, hooray!

Cousin Lissie enjoying her new pink wig. Looking cute and adorable.

Yay for Nestle freebies given by the twin sister!

Such a Philippine sight: children singing in jeepneys for money.

And we meet again, Divisoria! (But I didn't buy anything.)

Then I remembered my adventures at the Taft area. (Look, it's La Salle!)

Three Atenistas and counting! Hihi. More soon!

Forgive the backlogged entries. I'm still trying to enjoy my time here without pressuring myself to go online and update all the time. I'll keep up eventually. But for now, take care guys! Hopefully I get to update again tomorrow. Ciao!

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