Ch-ch-ch-changes and a few firsts

I have always been the homebody. From way back in grade school, "staying in" was how I spent most of my free time. Instead of meeting friends at the malls and watching the newly released movies at the cinema, I am content with being at home, chatting with people through the latest social networking site, the landline, or my cellphone, and watching my Filipino teleseryes or American shows on the television.

After a while though (see: on a midsummer morning in 2012, about two weeks ago), I got so bored and so used to what I have always been doing that I craved for yet another adventure! The next thing I knew, I hopped on a bus to the city of Roxas in Capiz, roughly two hours away from Iloilo. Aside from finally accepting the long overdue invite of my very good dorm friend Connie to come over and explore her hometown, I was there to support mi amiga for her sagala stint.

We also had the company of three of Connie's closest college blockmates who flew in from Manila and directly to Roxas: Jill, Mae, and Gio—whom I all met for the first time there despite us graduating from the same university. We all did touristy (as it was their first time to be in the area) and non-touristy things: ate seafood everyday, joined the sagala parade (my first!), surfed the Internet and watched movies during our free time, and attended a recital. I was even able to squeeze in some time with my relatives who also resided in Roxas.

However, for me, the highlight of our short stay with Connie's family was taking a roadtrip to Iloilo and then riding a pumpboat (for only fifteen minutes) to the small island-province of Guimaras. It was everybody's first time there but mine, although I haven't been to the place in four years. And so with a tiny jeepney and a small pumpboat, we visited the interesting spots of the island and eventually bathed in the sea, the sun, and the rain.

Truly it was the adventure I have longed for and the perfect goodbye to the hot summer days! Very much grateful for mi amiga and su familia!

Photos by me, Connie, and Gio.


  1. inggit! grabe yung starfish!

  2. Hihi hi Jose! Paminsan-minsan lang 'to, so dapat lubusin. :)