Nothing left to say but goodbye

Two weeks notice, in Instagram and cellphone images:

1. Sometimes it's just so good to be reminded: God is in control. To guide me through Life and reading the Word, I have Him, my spiritual family, and Oswald Chambers.

2. From merienda with two of my closest grade school friends to dinner with some high school batchmates, summer has definitely been the season of catch-ups and get-togethers. That night, however, there was one huge topic to talk about. (And I can't believe I was the first one to find out!)

3-4. The heavy rains can't stop our first elementary school mini-reunion. Attendance was not that bad at ten out of thirty-four. Unfortunately, I had to leave early to buy a maleta and have dinner with my family.

5-6. And finally, the semi-final phase packing officially started—which got crazier by the minute.

7. My siblings Rafael (sophomore) and Kendi (senior) the night before their first day back at their respective high schools. Will really miss them both!

8-9. Sneaked and sat in my girlfriends' review class just so I could be with all of them again. That hour-long lecture surprisingly did not bore me to death but I would be lying if I'd say I learned something from it.

10. Flew to Manila half a day earlier than I should have, and I didn't mind. I was too excited to see Ateneo again.

11. Inspiration kicked in as we were cruising thousands of feet above the ground. Can't wait to share with you all what I wrote about.

12. Reunited with our working girl and my beloved twin sister after three weeks. Our family is so grateful that her time spent jobhunting and away from us was not in vain. Very much proud to be her sister, as always.

13. And I became the stage sister to Kara! From enlistment to dorm check-in to enrollment, I was by her side and loving every single bit of it. Happy that I got to drop by my department too!

14. Endless packing and unpacking, I never knew we had so much stuff. Though extremely exhausting, the experience was a great form of exercise.

15. So bummed when I found out that Sinangag Station already closed down, it used to be my pick-me-upper. So instead, Mom and I had brunch at Mom and Tina's where she ordered their tapa and I got their shepherd's pie, one of my long-time cravings.

16. Tired from all the moving and settling in, Mom tried her best to rest for a while inside the MRT.

17. Why is it that all the good changes made in the university took place only moments after we graduated? This bookshelf in the LS Bookstore provided by Fully Booked was the last straw! It had all the books I loved and wanted to read! How is that fair?!

18. Very thankful for my spiritual family, they give me all the encouragement in the world and more. Our catch-up dinner turned into my mini-despidida.

19-20. I made sure I could meet and spend time with all my close friends before my trip. So far I'm doing a good job at scheduling and organizing these dates as none have been cancelled yet.

And oh my, judging from my hectic schedule tomorrow and the fact that I still want to catch some sleep before I head off to the airport, perhaps this would be my last entry written in the Philippines. Ahhh! Can you believe it though? Because I, obviously, can't!!!!! Asdfghjkl, leaving for the States tomorrow!

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