"I think I'm gonna like it here"

I can't believe it's already been a week since my looong flight to the US! My, how time flies! So far I'm just admiring how simple and laid back life in this part of town is. I honestly think I'm meant to stay...

A few shots from my camera:
1. Burger King for lunch 2. With my sweetest cousin Joey 3. Beautiful houses
4. Grocery with the kids 5. Remy watering the plants 6. Nutella madness
7. My acquaintance with peach roses 8. Playing soccer 9. Friendly neighbors
10. Riding shotgun 11. Vanilla-strawberry-chocolate ice cream 12. Out & about
13. Choco-covered strawberries 14. Biking on a sunny day 15. Bright evenings
16. Homemade kebab 17. Our second one-hour wait 18. Crabs for lunch & dinner

Dearest reader, I'm sorry that lately I keep bombarding you with pictures without sharing "good" stories. I haven't had the energy (and the motivation, really) to write anything substantial. But this phase will pass. Soon I'll be back to typing down my thoughts in rather lengthy paragraphs. But until then, I hope the photos will suffice. Good night and with so much love from Maryland! ♥


  1. i miss you already, kat! glad you're having fun there :)

    1. Miss you too and thanks, Jose! Have fun also, okay! >:D<

  2. Hi, Issa! Got to read all your articles so far and I have enjoyed them! It just overflows with "joie de vivre" (joy of life!) Thanks for sharing your thoughts, feelings, and experiences; I can certainly empathize with them. Keep writing and God bless you! With muck love, Tita Baby.

  3. sorry, wrong spelling :( with much love, tita baby :)

  4. Thank you so much, Tita Baby! I'm having the time of my life. Hope I get to see you and that you won't get tired of my calls. Hehe. Have a great weekend! :)