Running out of things to do, and time

Or maybe just ideas? Last Saturday may be the first time I ever looked forward to going to the mall. On a normal basis, I'm not really fond of being inside malls or any enclosed building crowded with people. The experience takes too much energy. However, I haven't been to one in what feels like forever and I do want to check out the malls in Maryland...

Four hours of roaming around Westfield Annapolis were spent:
  • Indulging in the summer sales. We bought a pair of shoes, dozens of clothes, and a scarf from different stores, all with great discounts. When we left the house, we really didn't plan on buying anything but the sale was just so hard to resist!
  • Drinking amazing flavors of tea from Teavana. At first I thought they were just selling teapots, teacups, and tins full of teabags until my aunt asked me what drink I wanted to order. They offer a lot of delicious flavors and even give out free samples to make it easier for customers. Totally worth it!
  • Falling in love with the furniture and decors at Pottery Barn Kids. Tita Inds kept telling me that we should leave the place ASAP or else I might ask her to buy every girly thing I could find!
  • "Stalking" and photographing adorable triplets. Ahh, if I had any hint of courage in me, I could've had my picture taken with them instead.
  • Having dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. Although there's a branch of said restaurant in the Philippines, I never got the chance to eat there, making this my first time at CPK. And a good first time it was, the food and the service were both great!
  • Ordering a to-go from The Cheesecake Factory: Ultimate Red Velvet Cake Cheesecake. Hershey's Chocolate Bar Cheesecake, I'm coming back for you!
  • ...and after all that, coming home to such a wonderful view. During the summers, the sun is exceptionally beautiful at eight in the evening. Or at least in this area.

What else can I do in Maryland? In the US? There are still so many weekends!

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