Somewhere a clock is ticking

For my grief and loss class during my senior year I was once asked what I would do had I only twenty-four hours to live. Perhaps I went a bit overboard with my answer, talking about having a living funeral, a music festival, and a book publication. Although I would now laugh at how silly and ambitious my vision for my last day was, the fact that I gave a huge value to the special people in my life struck me most. In all the activities I listed, I made it a point to include all my loved ones. Their presence has always been important to me.

Even to this day, people are my top priority. About a year after I wrote that essay and a couple of weeks before I leave for the States, I found myself contacting my close college friends, arranging dates and get-togethers, creating a schedule at Google Docs to keep things organized, and made sure every meeting goes smoothly. With all the catching up to do, there wasn't enough time to say goodbye. At least for four full days, even though my departure (leaving and the possibility of not coming back) brings me to a range of extreme emotions—fear and excitement for the most part—I was contented to have spent quality time with those whom I value most.

The dormers' advantage: got to see and talk to EJ for a few nights since our family stayed at the residence halls and he was still in school for his master's degree.

After Divisoria with the family, moving all my stuff from Cervini to UD, and Moonleaf with Jose (no photo, unfortunately), I met up with my NightLIFE family.

It became my sort of despedida party. Everyone was so encouraging, thank you.

My sister (aka working girl) was able to catch up with the said get-together.

The next day we had lunch with some U-Club girls Cara and Tam at Cafe Breton.

Our cheesy chicken and mushroom meal was followed by this La Pinay dessert.

The rest of the group arrived after about an hour and we moved to Mr. Jones.

This was Suukyi's order. I forgot its name but it tastes as good as it looks!

Thankful that Dad was fine with driving us around places that afternoon. We stopped by Starbucks for our dose of caffeine. It felt nice to be able to catch up!

Finally, another twin picture of me and Karina! And look, a twin sandwich!

Dinner at The Old Spaghetti House in SM Marikina with Adellie and Ludy.

And wuhoo, so proud of my high school friends who already landed jobs and were done with their first week at work! They recounted stories about their training...

Had Gong Cha for the first time, and I'd still prefer Moonleaf over it, sorry.

These University of the Philippines in the Visayas graduates are trying their luck in Manila! I know for sure they'll do great. Keep it up, KR and Mabel! Love yous!

Supported EJ's part-time faculty stint and sat in his Math 1/11 class. Too funny, to be honest. I can hear the girls giggling as he introduced himself. Hahaha. Naks!

(Re)learned a lot of stuff, though. Which was good. He's gonna be one fine teacher! Best of luck, brother! We found some AMF friends loitering outside the classroom.

Spent all afternoon with Dess, we had lunch at the new and improved JSEC.

Always been the sweetheart! We talked about post-grad plans (such as taking up a master's degree abroad), books, and life in general. Really enjoyed her company.

Last but definitely not the least, I spent time with the SSC-Ateneo undergrads.

At the end of that day, I received a postcard (from Jean and Wences), two books (from Dess and Dorcas), and a pack of butterscotch (from Bea, obviously). Yay!

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