A sweet dream come true

While in Washington, D.C. last Saturday, my aunt randomly asked if I liked cupcakes because if...I stopped her midsentence by chanting "yes" for at least five times, I knew right away where the conversation was going. So after having brunch at Eastern Market and strolling down the sidewalk of nearby neighborhoods, we drove all the way to Georgetown for the famous cupcake place!

I have been a huge fan of Georgetown Cupcake (better known as D.C. Cupcakes on television) since Mom and I first encountered the show one Saturday morning. From then on I would go to cake and pastry shops to try their cupcakes—some were not so bad, the others were just okay. Then I would be introduced to Sonja's (in Manila) and Dulgies (in Iloilo) and think their cupcakes are good enough for me. Never would I have thought that in a few years time, I will be tasting those red velvet and chocolate cupcakes from Georgetown!

There was a baseball game between the New York Yankees and the Washington Nationals held in D.C. that day so we figured there wouldn't be much people lining up for the cupcakes as they were all busy going to either the game venue or the local bars to support their favorite teams. We were wrong: we were greeted by a long and stationary queue as we drove past the store location and looked for a nearby parking space. Still, my aunt and I were determined to get even just one cupcake, we joined the line and waited for an hour to get to the counter.

Unfortunately, Sophie and Katherine (the owners) weren't around as they were in Boston for the opening of their new branch. However, in celebration of their launch, they were giving away free cupcakes, one for each person lining up. That might explain why there were still a lot of people despite the fact that it was game day! Had we known, we should have asked Tito Chris and Joey, who were patiently waiting for us in the car, to join Tita Inday, Remy, and me in the queue. But it was fine, we initially planned on paying for the cupcakes anyway. A few bucks won't hurt.

We had a hard time choosing which flavor we wanted, they were described in great and delicious detail on their menu and the sight of all the cupcakes in front of us didn't help, even just a little. We wished we could take home everything! After finally ordering a total of six cupcakes, waiting for them to be prepared, and taking a few snapshots in between, we decided to (again) wait until we got to the house and eat them there. It was an hour-long drive from there to our area.

...and then, as soon as we arrived, there were no words. We all fell silent. One bite after another, "oohs" and "ahhs" slowly filled the kitchen. The cake itself tasted alright, but it's the frosting that kept us wanting more. It was definitely a gastronomic experience, tasting five different flavors of Georgetown Cupcake. Very grateful for that. Here's to hoping that we could still come back. And getting free cupcakes, and not having to line up for that long again.